The Lay Apostolate

Some thoughts on the Lay Apostolate

“A key part of lay apostolate is that it happens in a secular environment, not in church. Vatican Council II’s Constitution on the Church spoke of it as a “special vocation” – making faith “present and fruitful” in those places where that can only be done by the laity.
Individual apostolate consists in living one’s ordinary, everyday life β€” as a spouse, a parent, a worker, a student, a friend β€” in the light of one’s Christian faith, while giving specific, verbal testimony to that faith when circumstances permit. It’s hardly news that some Catholics fail to do these things. The convert, author and social critic Orestes Brownson, the most intellectually distinguished American Catholic layman of his day, wrote in 1870:
“We shall find even Catholics who … gravely tell us that their religion has nothing to do with their politics; that is, their politics are independent of their religion; that is, again politics are independent of God, and there is no God in the political order; as if a man could be an atheist in the state, and a devout Catholic in the church.”
Does that sound familiar? It’s the creed of today’s pro-choice Catholic politicians β€” and the very antithesis of lay apostolate.”
Russell Shaw Catholic Herald


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