Women’s Rights and CEDAW

The Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute [C-FAM] reports that:
“At the CEDAW Committee meetings last week, committee members pressed the delegation from Colombia on liberalizing its abortion laws, and on creating contraceptive, sexual and reproductive health awareness campaigns.”
C-FAM also says:
“CEDAW may have been conceived with good intentions, but it has been hijacked by radicals bent on using it for dangerous social experiments that are harmful to our countries, our families, our mothers and daughters.”
C-FAM is urging people world-wide to sign an online petition – “urging the honorable members of the United States Senate NOT TO RATIFY the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW).”
The online petition is on THIS PAGE of the C-FAM website.

In case you have any doubts in this matter, please note that the National Association of Women [NOW] in America – is solidly behind the ratification of CEDAW.
They are also behind a whole lot of other things antithecal to basic morality.
See their website: NOW


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