Disconnected Catholics?

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Following their recent research project which looked at the reasons why Catholics no longer attend Mass, Australian Bishops have called for a second ‘consultation’ phase, according to a report on CathNews.

Director of the Pastoral Projects Office, Mr Bob Dixon is quoted as saying said that, in asking for this research to be carried out, the Bishops have shown a desire to understand the views and experiences of Catholics who have stopped going to Mass

“We have designed a process of consultation to seek responses from leadership and consultative bodies in dioceses and other Catholic organisations,” Mr Dixon said.

“We also welcome feedback from others who read the report. The purpose of the consultation process is to assist us to prepare recommendations that will help the Church enhance its pastoral practices at national, diocesan and parish level.”

Mr Dixon said that he hope the report will stimulate discussion and action in the Church.

Source: CathNews

For your chance to respond please visit:
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