Women and the cloning bill

From an article in Sydney’s Daily Telegraph 19 June

Dr Monique Baldwin looks at the health risks of egg harvesting if the cloning bill is passed by the NSW Upper House:

….. Women will undergo hazardous egg extraction procedures to provide the raw material scientists need. The procedure involves weeks of testing followed by hormone injections to force the ovaries to produce lots of eggs.

Side effects include bleeding, pain, infertility, and not to mention possible reproductive cancers later in life. How can we talk about informed consent when the long-term health risks are poorly understood?

Ten per cent of women who have had eggs harvested develop ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, which involves bloating, vomiting, shortness of breath, blood clots and organ failure. Some have died.

* Dr Monique Baldwin has a PhD in neuroscience and is the scientific adviser to Women’s Forum Australia, an independent women’s think tank.


Congressional Briefing on Risks to Women Egg donors sponsored by the Center for Bioethics and Culture. This US video runs for about 9 minutes. Click on white arrow to play.

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