International Day 2007

On Tuesday 31st December, Mr Charles Wood spoke to a large gathering of the Wollongong Diocese CWLA clan about Paraguay. Mr Wood and his wife were guests at the International Day Mass and Luncheon hosted by Bay and Basin and Nowra CWLA branches.

The setting for the day was St Patrick’s Berry (Nowra Parish), a warm, sunny, peaceful place. Father Pat Faherty and Fr Ronan Kilgannon concelebrated a Votive Mass of Our Lady in the church. After greeting many of those present they then enjoyed a light repast in the hall, with CWLA members from all around the diocese and some members of state council.

Mrs Marie Hanley (President Nowra branch) welcomed everyone and introduced the guest speaker who then gave an overview of Paraguay. Aspects of the geography, history and population were included in his informative presentation. Several members asked questions related to issues concerning the women and children of Paraguay.

Mrs Wood brought along a number of articles made in Paraguay. Hand made lace, embroidery and leather goods being part of this display. An item of particular interest was the Paraguay flag which is one of the few in the world that has different designs on each side.

Small flags in vases of mostly native flowers decorated the tables, while posters showing where Paraguay is situated in South America and a picture of its Coat of Arms adorned the walls.

Mrs Colleen Hopewell (President Bay and Basin branch) thanked Mr Wood for his talk and Mrs Wood for bringing the items for display. The couple were then presented with gifts to remind them of their day at Berry.

An interesting, informative, delightful day. Thank you to all those who participated with special mention and congratulations to Bay and Basin and Nowra branches for being such great hosts.


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