Annual General Meeting

100_1288     PRESIDENTS REPORT –  25th November 2008

Rev. Fr. Sean, Diocesan Executive and Members of all Branches it is with great pleasure I present to you my first Annual Report as President of the Diocese.

It has been a most memorable year, highlighted by visits to our Diocese of the WYD Cross, Icon and Message Stick and the celebration of Days in the Diocese for World Youth Day 2008. These celebrations saw us not only in our Catholic Women’s League role but also as members of the church community.

As members of Catholic Women’s League we have much to be proud of during 2008. In March we joined with Christian churches to celebrate World Day of Prayer. In April the Mass for the Unborn was held at the Cathedral as well as a Reflection Day at Berry. In May the celebration of WUCWO Mass was held at the Cathedral. The Maria Grotti Mass, in July, was held at Helensburgh, at which we had a reliquary containing her relics as well as St. Gemma and St. Gabriel- these three young saints were all patrons of World Youth Day. Also in July, World Youth Day was a wonderful time in both parish and Diocese.  In August, the Mary Mackillop Mass was held at Albion Park and the newly relaunched branch excelled themselves at their first function. September saw the State Bi-Annual Conference held at parramatta. About 50 members from our Diocese attende over the two days-some for their first conference. International Day, in October, at West Wollongong rounded off a busy year of Diocesan events.

members have shown strong support on social issues with petitions signed and submissions forwarded on regarding The Same Sex relationship Bill in ht NSW Parliament, Senator Guy Barnett’s efforts to stop Medicare funding for late term abortions in the Federal parliament, the petition to the United Nations on the Rights of the Unborn and lately Saying No to Sexualised Advertisement on billboards on roads and vehicles. Most branches will have just taken part in the White Ribbon campaign to make a stand against violence towards women and children.

 Members are to be commended for the ongoing support for the education od a seminarian in the Pacific region. This is the second year of this project and the target of $1500 has been acheived.100_1285

 Many branches support Fr. Chris Riley’s “Youth off the Streets” and “Wrap with Love:, as well as being involved individually in various parish ministries.

Three members of our Diocese have received awards during 2008. Carmel O’Hara an OAM, Maureen Anderson and Val Kiceluk were made Life members of CWLA-NSW inc.

Many branches have held functions such as birthday lunches, fashion parades etc to which I  and other Executive where invited. Thank you for your courtesy.

2008 alsosaw the standing down of our long time Chaplain, Fr. Chris Sarkis and the appointment of Fr. Sean Cullen as Chaplain. We say “thank you to Fr. Chris for his years of service and to Fr. Sean “welcome”. May God look after them in their priestly ministry.

As I have mentioned before, I would like to thank those members who keep me informed of significant events, deaths or illnesses of members. The simple action of a card or prayers can mean so much. In undertaking this role I would also like to thank all who have supported me by word and action, especially Diocesan Secretary margaret McMahon and my husband John. Keep me and the rest of the Diocesan Team in your paryers. May the Holy Spirit continue to guide us in all we do.

Sue Meehan

Diocesan President


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