November 2016

Planned Parenthood will be defunded by Mr Trump if they continue to offer abortions. This was one of Mr Trump’s election promises. He also promised to nominate an Anti-abortion Justice to the Supreme Court. He stated that he wanted to repeal Obamacare the Affordable Care Act affect access to birth control.  (Bio Edge 12/11/16)

Colorado has voted to legalise assisted suicide.
California, Massachusetts, Maine and Nevada have voted to legalise the recreational use of Marijuana.
Assisted dying in Australia. It is a crime though prosecution is rare. It was legal in N.T. for a time. Patients can elect not to receive any treatment for a terminal illness and can also elect to have their life support turned off.  (Bio Edge 5/11/16)

Surrogacy in Australia is illegal – though technically legal in the Northern Territory it is not a process that occurs, due to the governing of fertility centres in the area.
Altruistic surrogacy which occurs without financial benefit to the surrogate is legal in Australia. (Last update 2/2015.)
Cambodia has banned commercial surrogacy and also commercial sperm donation. Specialist doctors providing in Vitro services are required to have Ministry permission to operate. (Bio Edge 5/11/16. Xavier Simons.)

Just a few statistics.
45.8 million people are enslaved worldwide
8.3 million people fighting to end it
68% in forced labour
1 in 3 is a child and over half of the victims are women and girls.
Slave labour contributes to production of at least 136 goods from 74 countries worldwide. Almost every nation on earth says slavery is illegal-but it still exists everywhere. Slavery generates $150 billion in illegal profits per year. Most victims are trafficked by someone they know and trust and some are as young as 5 or 6 years old.

In Britain the National Health Service plans to introduce a new prenatal test to detect Downs Syndrome. More than 300 doctors have joined a protest against it saying that the test would lead to the abortion of affected children and said that the NHS has moved towards encouraging abortion in those cases. The doctors say “We utterly reject the implicit premise that the value of a human being is based on their economic contribution.” (Catholic Weekly 13/11/16)

Pressure is building up for a free vote in the parliament this term. One Liberal senator is already calling for it and there is plenty of support in the senate to initiate it.

Mary Murphy
Bio-Ethics Officer




Port Kembla Branch

Our High Tea on Saturday of the ANZAC Day weekend, was an occasion to remember with all the trimmings: tables graced with antique silver serving ware; the prettiest of bone china tableware; delicate scrumptious eats; pretty floral decorations; twigs of ANZAC remembrance rosemary; marvellous music performed by The Proberians
(a local Probus group) and a fun dress-up box of feathers and masks for friendship photos.

Beth Stewart
and Bess McNamara


President Judy Hirjee (standing centre alongside Sr Miriam) surrounded by her justifiably happy Port Kembla members.


Bribbaree Branch

Bribbaree Branch WUCWO Day was celebrated on Thursday 12th May with former members from the Young and Boorowa Branches. The beautiful liturgy was followed by an enjoyable lunch.

Angela Sweeny


Nowra Branch

We hosted a Mother’s day parish afternoon tea – well attended by parishioners, friends and family. We were entertained by Trilogy, giving us the opportunity for a sing-a-long. Guests were given a little Mother’s day gift. We had an amazing craft display created by some of our talented members.


We also hosted an autumn/winter fashion parade in April with fashions from B&M Fashions, Culburra. Members volunteered to be models.
A morning tea was held on ANZAC Day after Mass. many servicemen and their families stayed and enjoyed ANZAC biscuits and looked at the memorabilia display.


Katherine Brandon
Publicity Officer




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