Our Aims:

To be a Eucharistic Community which upholds the dignity of women and encourages their participation in Church and Society.

Catholic women who are in agreement with these aims are welcome to join CWLA – NSW Wollongong Diocese.

Local branch membership

Branches usually hold a meeting each month.
Annual subscription is $37.50.

If you would like to be involved, but cannot attend branch meetings on a regular basis, you may wish to join as a Diocesan member.

Diocesan members may attend meetings of the Diocesan Council and receive minutes of meetings as well as local and State Newsletters. (This subscription is $37.50)

Starting a branch in your parish

Have you thought that you might like to start a branch in your own Parish?
It is not too hard to do.

You would need to speak to your Parish Priest to gain his support.
Then you need to contact the Diocesan executive.

In Wollongong this is the email address for the Diocesan executive.

Just send a brief note with your details; give your phone number and a “best time to call”.

Following this you would need to call an informal meeting to which our Promotions Officer, or another appointed member, could be invited to attend, to help answer any questions that might arise.

While there are written guidelines which can help to keep you “on track”, there is no need for branches to be overly “formal” in their meeting style.

Each branch must form its own “style” depending on the talents and capacity of its members!



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